Shalom l’kulam

I am back to blogging. Most of you remember me as RWAC. Many things have changed. I am very much concentrated on my own life right now. My job is taking most of my time as I decided to build my own business many months ago. I am still single. Today I had a day off so I thought I would just post my first post and say hello.

kol tuv,



10 thoughts on “Shalom l’kulam

  1. Lol, cat.
    Why not blogger, free wordpress has no comment subscription and it’s so annoying to have to use a reader for each post…

  2. @Am Kshe Oref, thank you B”H ok. 🙂

    @Jacob da Jew, thank you. 🙂

    @Jameel, thank you, I’ll surely be commenting a lot on your blog lol.

    @Babysitter, thank you. 🙂

    @lol Moshe. what would you recommend? At least I did not write 9.00 AM 😛

    @Anon aka Eli…..toda

  3. If you want happy readers, get blogger like the rest of us. Unless you don’t mind paying for premium wordpress account that allows you to install modules.

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